Network Design

At IT Technosys Consulting we know the implementation phase is as crucial as network design. We pride ourselves on minimising the disturbances to your business and consulting carefully. That is why we ensure equipment is delivered, tested and configured in a timely fashion. Our certified staff can help you build a stable and fast platform for your business that benefit from modern technologies such as Virtualisation.

IT Technosys Consulting can provide your business with network design, infrastructure design and implementation of local area networks, secure internet access, VPN’s and inter-office networks that are not only cost effective and tailored for your business needs.

Data Centre Network Design

Whether you’re planning a totally new data centre network or are looking to upgrade and improve an existing one, there can be many challenges.

IT Technosys Consulting provides specialist Network Infrastructure Design consulting and implementation services to help your business to navigate< around these challenges and successfully implement the changes that you desire.

Make it a reality with our Data Centre Network implementation services

Of equal importance to the actual design phase of your network design is its implementation… and here at IT Technosys Consulting, we take pride in ensuring that your infrastructure or business is not unexpectedly and negatively affected as a result. Although we are independent of vendors, we know that an effective network infrastructure design is defined by a high “up-time”, which is why we usually recommend top quality networking hardware such as Cisco Systems. Once we deliver your final network design, we thoroughly beforehand configured and tested the solution before the completion of the implementation process.

Network Designs that deliver stable performance data centre networks

And of course, even once you have implemented your network design, you’ll need to ensure that it delivers constantly high performance, with no spells of damaging downtime that could cost your business. It is for such a reason that our network team perform all monitoring, as part of our Network Management service. There is a range of monitoring solutions that we can implement as part of our Network Design services.

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