Network Upgrade & Migration

Network Upgrades

At times of great financial pressure, you will want to be sure that you are getting the most out of your IT equipment, which is a goal that our network upgrades here at IT Technosys Consulting can assist your business with. We can work out the best network upgrade plan for your organization, based on what you presently have, encompassing design, testing, and implementation and of course, the actual network upgrades. Our experts ensure that network upgrades are carried out smoothly, taking care to meet the exact needs of the given client. The result is the most up-to-date IT systems that deliver the very highest performance on a consistent basis.

As your company grows, your network may not be able to keep up with the constant addition of new devices, which may come from many different manufacturers in addition to using different technologies, potentially greatly slowing down your network as a whole. When you contact IT Technosys Consulting about network upgrades, we will therefore first perform an on-site survey of your present network infrastructure. As part of this, we will examine the quantity of network devices and network users and the functions that they perform, as well as the expected growth of employees, who will need to be able to access network resources. This survey will let us know what is already on site, in addition to giving some pointers as to what else may be required. By concentrating on these areas, you will be able to save considerable time and money, while also preparing your business well for the future.

One of our greatest priorities when we perform network upgrades is maintaining a high level of network security. We know, after all, that for all of the opportunity for the sharing of information that Internet connectivity brings, it also poses grave potential risks to your business data. It can be very expensive to implement the complete redundancy in services and equipment that is required if you are to enjoy nearly 100% uptime from your network equipment, but here at IT Technosys Consulting, we will design your network to be as reliable and scalable as possible, while also delivering the very best performance.

Our network upgrades process encompasses everything from finding the most cost-effective and compatible hardware and software to overseeing migration and integration into your existing network. Those businesses and organizations that are interested in a new network solution may also be pleased to hear that we design and install all-new networks. Meanwhile, for those of you that have recently had network upgrades carried out by us, we offer various ongoing IT network services, including network monitoring and maintenance, network security, review and audit and network support, to ensure that your IT systems continue to deliver the best performance, speed and efficiency for your own business requirements.

Network Migrations

With communications network technology continuing to develop at an ever-increasing pace, many organizations are struggling to keep up with market requirements, leaving them with an urgent need to migrate their old networks to new ones. That’s why you may turn to Technosys IT Consulting, which can determine the technologies that are best-suited to your organization and has a strong track record in overseeing the smoothest of network migrations. However, network migration can be a difficult task. Our own network migrations are managed by IT experts with years of collective experience to make sure it’s done properly and with no downtime.

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